Phantom Seer Chapter 6

Togo Goto had created and written the manga series “ Phantom Seer”. The craft of the series is being furnished by Kento Matsuura whom some of you might remember by his work in Tokyo Shinobi Squad. It is published by Weekly Shonen Jumps.

Chapter six of the Phantom Manga series is named “Their Relationship”. The genre of the series includes Action, Horror, and Mystery whereas themes of the series were Supernatural and Ghosts.

When will Chapter 6 of phantom Seer be released?

Chapter 5 of Phantom Seer was published in Weekly Shonen Jump as Issue #43 on Sunday and the next will come out in Issue #44. Therefore, the series is scheduled to be released on 4th October, 2020. Fans are really very excited to watch the chapter 6.

Let’s have a look over the casts:

• Sangankyo
• Riku Aibetsu
• Lori Katanagi
• Kenma Oigawa
• Tengu
• Yojiro Satake
• Yayoi Katanagi
• Sakabashira

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Where can you Read Phantom Seer Chapter 6?

On Viz Media and Mangaplus , all the chapters of Phantom Seer manga are available for free to watch. But we highly criticize the use of streaming anime or reading manga on an unofficial website. Every Monday or Sunday, a new chapter of the series comes out.

What Phantom Seer series is about?

The series focuses on a girl named Riku who attracts dangerous phantoms as she was gifted with the power to detect any sort of danger around her. Because of her powers, she is been targeted by Otherworldly creatures known as Phantoms. One fateful day she meets Lori Katanagi, who is a loner and a student at her school but it is a powerful Shaman possessing shadow powers and rescues her from cluthes of death.

And from there they together continue to solve various phantom and other sorts of enemies. This story moves around the world where life taking Phantoms actually exist. As per the official description- If something unusual and mysterious happens, you should go to him. Mythologies say that he has psychic powers, which persuaded him to certainly help deal with brutal Phantoms may be a challenge.

Chapter 6 of Phantom Seer was a short chapter but yet again blessed us with great art and humor and the story itself has finally begun to take a shape. The interaction between Lori and Riku are hilarious.