Lupin Season 1

It is a modern reenactment of a classic French story about Arsene Lupine, a male thief and master of disguise. Actress Omarsi.

 Release date

The series was scheduled to be released in January 2021.

Major Casts:

  • Vincent Londez
  • Shirine Boutella
  • Nicole Garcia
  • Antoine Gouy
  • Clotilde Hesme
  • Vincent Furic and Many more


Based on the early 20th-century French crime novel by Maurice Leblanc, the series follows a thief named Arsene Lupine.

Interesting things about the Show:

Sometimes I see the question: I want to get into Lupine III. Where do I begin? Like different ancienter animations, Lupine gives dozens of animations, not to remember video games original manga, and action films. Life is easy to scare. However, unlike many other anime franchises, almost all of Lupine’s stories are independent of the others. So you don’t have to look at it to figure it out. All you need to know is who this member is.

It is more ruthless in the original manga, but the animation follows a certain code of honor. He is constantly pursued by his best rival, the captain-general of Interpol. Lupin’s longtime partners include Swift Retreat, misogynist striker Daisuke Jigen, traditional Blade Goemon Ishikawa, and Fujiko Main’s girlfriend. The best thing about this show is its character and silly use of humor. Each episode of Lupine can be viewed as a separate story (with the exception of the episodes with Goemon), but there are enough references to previous episodes for fans to watch.

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Much of the humor and tension in the show comes from the contrasting character of the actors. Lupine is smart, but sometimes he is very stupid and weakly attached to women. Meanwhile, his partner Jigen is a useless person who hates Fujiko.

Goemon is stronger. He is very conservative and his ego often crashes because of Lupine. Zenig was very stubborn and kept making mistakes because he had to arrest Lupine. The audience laughed a lot at his mistake, but he could find a response. Although Fujiko can manipulate Lupine from time to time, it is very interesting to me. He did not put Lupine in a situation where he could not escape and was saddened when he concluded that he was dead.