This Life With Lisa Long Season 7

This Life With Lisa Long

This life with Lisa Ling is like a hard show with many adventures. Each season can blow your mind happy about what’s new in each episode. The production company is based in Brooklyn and is originally a CNN show.

The show follows journalist Lisa Ling on a dangerous adventure that requires a lot of courage. Her mission is primarily to seek truth and taboos in many parts of the United States. This show has had 6 successful seasons and can open your mind and show us more.

Release Date

Season 7 of “This Life With Lisa Long” was expected to come in September 2020. But, due to the COVID-19 pandemic the Released date was postponed. Still, there is no update regarding the Released date of Season 7 of “This life with Lisa Ling”.


Lisa J. Ling is an anchor-woman, investigative journalist, and writer. He is also a TV presenter. She hosted Our America with Lisa Ling at many popular venues. She has received many awards and is known as a very honest and diligent reporter.

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About the show

Lisa follows the show, traveling all over America, revealing taboos and street shame. It also reveals a shocking truth. She shared her experiences with the show and touched on topics such as drug abuse and gay rodeo scenes. There were eight episodes last season. In each episode, she travels to different places and talks about elements that were not in our society.

The program received positive reviews from both viewers and critics. Lisa is empty. This show is very unique and inimitable. We see investigative journalists traveling the country to uncover the truth and reveal a very unusual way of life.

The way they look at show visas is very important to fans as they show off the box ideas and ways of expressing. In a way, it helps people recognize very sensitive issues and think rationally.

Background of the Show

This Life is one of 12 documentaries expected to air on CNN’s regular daily news program by 2015. The inclusion of this original prime time is part of a new initiative that “helps CNN reduce dependence on existing network formats.” Another popular science book that made headlines on CNN when the show debuted was Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown, serialized with Mike Rowe on Discovery Channel.

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Renowned writer Greg Gilman suggested that Ling’s new show is conceptually similar to Lisa Ling’s previous show, Our America. But Ling told The Huffington Post that This is Life will be “sharper” and “more striking” than the latest series just aired on OWN.