The Circle US

An American reality racing series “The Circle US” generated by Studio Lambert and the Motion Content Group and first report on Netflix in January2020. It is based on the British television series of the same name. Concurrently with the US interpretation of The Circle, Netflix inaugurated several versions in France and Brazil as part of the cooperation between Netflix and All3Media.

The series is touted as a social media-based game with the concept of “Anyone in the Circle can be anyone”.
During the show, participants are isolated from their respective apartments and can only communicate with other attendees through “circles”. Which are thought to be computer programs that translate their messages into text such as on social media applications.

In this way, competitors can present a completely different identity to others in hopes of winning over them. From time to time, participant groups will be asked to rate their participants. Because the best participant in the poll will become the “influencers” of the circle, giving them the opportunity to “block” the participants from the circle and exclude them from the game.

Broadcast on January 1, 2020; after Netflix published an exclusive excerpt from the first episode on YouTube on December 30, 2019. The first season ended on January 15, 2020 and was moderated by Michel Butteau. Joey Sasso won the first season of The Circle and a $ 100,000 award. Shubam Goel took second place. Chimarelli himself won.

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The Creative Director of Lambert Studios is Tim Harcourt, which produces British and American versions of the show. Harcourt wondered what a reality show would be like if people had never met in person. He also considered the idea of making a documentary about a wide view of an apartment building that anyone could see. He commenced laboring on The Circle after listening to that Channel 4 was glancing for a configuration for a sensibility show that concentrates on social media.


Each apartment where the players live has a screen in each room so that players can have conversations with other players in their daily life. Each player starts the game by creating an account.

This includes sharing age, relationship status, short biography, and a photo to use as a profile photo. Every day, players have the right to share status updates explaining their thoughts on that day. Sometimes players can upload other photos to their profile via giveaways or skip a certain phase. During tournament, the Circle app continues the only way performers can disseminate with each other.