Azizler tells the story of Aziz, who, after longing for his youth, goes through an existential crisis. He is dissatisfied with his job or personal life and who is kidnapped by his sister and his family, who have lived with him for some time.

His relationship with his girlfriend after 4 years is also not the best place and he also feels like ending it. Also, he wanted his long-forgotten freedom, and when he least expected it, he would immediately have the opportunity to escape the black hole he fell in. However, he realized that this made him a pathological liar to the point where he couldn’t come back.


Aziz is focused on middle age and is not happy with what he has. He dislikes her job and is far from her dreams than she wants. After his brother-in-law separated, his sister and family lived in his house, making it difficult for him to find peace at home. His nephew Kaner is a bad boy and he turns the house into hell for his nephew even though he is just looking for relaxation.

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Aziz believes his relationship with Burku ends after four years of dating. Every day her need for solitude and time deepens. Also, there are many men who like to be independent. He is stuck in a cycle and must find a way out. Opportunities arose for him at a time when he felt even more desperate than ever. The man had to go ahead and tell a terrible lie. This is an opportunity that Aziz should not miss. She never wanted the consequences she had to endure, but it changed her life completely.

Major Crew Members In The Series “Azizler”

Let’s have a look at the Azizler team and the production team

Director: Tylan Brothers

Screenwriter: Berkun Oya

Companies: Netflix Original

Azizler Release Date: When is it coming out?

On 8th January 2021, the series “Azizler” will be released on Friday ( according to the Netflix announcement). Two other films were released on the same day, including “Devil’s Light” and “I Carry You With Me”.