Evil Dead Rise

One of the most famous and worldwide known Horror movies is returning with its another part.

Yes, you read it right, Evil Dead is proceeding back to theatres with its another chapter. When will it come? What is the cast? What is the scheme? Well, read on, to answer all the questions you have!

About Evil Dead Saga:

Evil Dead is an American horror film. Sam Raimi is the creator of the series. The original movie has three parts, The Evil Dead (1981), Evil Dead II (1987), and Army of Darkness (1992) with Sam Raimi as the director and the writer. Since, the release of the trilogy, the movie received many spinoffs, including a television series as well as a videogame.  In 2013, Evil Dead released again with the hope of reviving the trilogy. The movie received mixed reviews and criticized its weak plot and too much gore.

Evil Dead Rise
Source: Looper

Evil Dead Rise Plot:

The movie revolves around the protagonist, Ashley Joanna. Five friends take on to a cottage to spend the night. In the cottage, they find some ancient relics, including tape and a book to summon evil spirits. As to mock the superstition, they play the tape with the incantations in the book. As a result, they get possessed by the evil spirits, which kill each one of them. Only one of them survives, Ashley. He has to stay alive until morning, to fight off the evil spirit. Ashley Joana is the only character who is in the entire trilogy.

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Evil Dead Rise:

In one of the interviews, Cambell (Ashley Joana) told that the fourth installment of the original Evil Dead is about to reach the cinema halls.

According to Cambell, the movie is under the development stage. The movie will release in sometime around 2021.

Although, meeting Ashely Joana (Cambell) once again in the movie is still not clear. Will Cambell come back yet again for the fourth installment? It’s not clear yet now.

Cast (Original Evil Dead):

  • Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams
  • Ellen Sandweiss as Cheryl Williams
  • Richard DeManincor (as Hal Delrich) as Scott
  • Betsy Baker as Linda
  • Theresa Tilly (as Sarah York) as Shelly
  • Sam Raimi as Local Fisherman and the voice of the Evil Dead
  • Robert Tapert as Local Fisherman
  • Bob Dorian as Archeologist’s voice