Expiry Date

This new series called “Expiry Date” will be directed by Shankar Marthand. This is an upcoming Hindu-Telegu series that will be an interesting watch. The director has explained the choice of the title in one of his interviews. He has compared the notion of the expiry date of products with the errors of human life.

Just like the ingredients included in any product determines the shelf life, the mistakes of a human being will have an effect on his life in the same manner.

Expiry Date About

Interestingly, the director of this series did not plan to film this plot as a series at first. Shankar wanted to make this story into a feature film but that didn’t happen. Instead, he created this web series called “Expiry Date”, which consists of ten episodes. He has further elaborated that this is a story about human relationships. He also said that the amount of content in this series could have easily created a two-hour long movie. The plot of this series is about two people and the effect of an incident on their lives. That fateful incident changes all they knew to be constant in their lives.

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The prodder for this series is Sharrath Marar. It was so to his support that the story of “Expiry Date” was pitched to the authorities in the Zee5 network. Initially, the show was given the green light for Telugu and later it was approved for Hindi too. This is appropriate because some of the cast members are known in the entertainment industries of both Hindi and Telugu.

One of the actresses involved in “Expiry Date”, Sneha, has been a part of many Telugu films before. But she hasn’t been a part of recent projects much as she has been on a break. But when she heard the story of Expiry Date, she liked it so much that she eventually agreed to work on it. The “Expiry Date” web series has a lot of twists and turns in them and the show is guaranteed to keep you entertained.

When will it release?

The web series will be available on ZEE5 for streaming from 2nd October.