Extracurricular Season 2

Kdramas have been getting more popular through the years and among the hordes of series one such gem is called Extracurricular. Kim Jin-Min is the director of the series. The first season was released on Netflix. It made its debut on 29h April 2020. There are ten episodes in the series and each episode is about 44 to 72 minutes long.

What is it about?

The series tells a story about a good student who gets caught while running an illegal business. As a result, his classmate starts to blackmail him. The top student is forced to do crimes in order to fulfill his dream of attending college. The first season was thoroughly enjoyable and now the fans are waiting for the return of this popular Kdrama series. The fate of the show rests on the global streaming giant Netflix, who decides on the issue of renewal for the series.

When will the second season come out?

The news of renewal has not reached us yet so the only thing possible for the viewers to do is to speculate about the date of release. Keeping the earlier schedule in mind, maybe the second season of Extracurricular will come out in April of 2021. If the filming starts later this year then this potential release date might be proved to be right. This show is packed with all the enthusiasm and drama that one might need to keep away boredom. There is nothing like a delightful drama to cheer you up if you going through a tough spot in life. The season one of this show was loved by so many, it won’t be a surprise if Netflix decides to renew the show.

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Who will be in the show?

Even though no one can say anything definite about the second season, the actors and actresses of the previous season are expected to come back for the new season.