Familiar Wife

Kdramas are getting more popular as time goes on. They have built a devoted fanbase and all the variety of the shows makes dramas a pleasing watch. Among all the gems that are out there, Familiar Wife is one. It is mainly a romantic fantasy drama which is also known by the names “Wife That I know” and “Wif I Know”.

What is it about?

The show follows a married couple as their lives are changed due to an incident. They are subjected to entirely different lives after the fateful incident. The story is about Cha Joo-hyuk who is married to Seo Woo-Jin. After a strange incident happens to him, he takes a decision, one that will impact him as well as those close to him for the rest of their lives.

The audience is left wondering whether he will be able to get his old life again. The protagonist gets the chance to travel back in his life as he was unhappy in his current life. This results in him living a completely different reality. In this version he is married to his college sweetheart and his wife is not married and a very different person. But he comes to the realization that this new life is not as great as it seems and tries to get his old life back. This drama has time travel to keep things interesting and on top of that, this show has a unique blend of humor and seriousness to get you hooked.

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Who is in the cast?

Ji Sung as Cha Joo-hyuk

Han Ji-min as Seo Woo-jin

Jang Seung-jo as Yoon Joong hoo

Kang Han-na as Lee Hye won

When will the series be here?

Netflix welcomes this particular Kdrama on the 1st of October. K drama fans should be ready to watch this entertaining series. This series is indeed a pleasant watch. The series focuses on relationships between the main characters and manages to tie it pretty well.