Family Guy Season 19

Family Guy is an American animated sitcom television show. It is one of the most famous animated show. Seth MacFarlane is the creator of the series. Family Guy released on January 31, 1999, on FOX. The show received great responses from the critics. It has a huge fanbase and viewership, across the world. ‘TV Guide’ ranked the show at the ninth position of most-viewed animated series of all the time. 

Family Guy has received numerous spin-offs. The producers are planning to release a movie based on the story of the show. The latest season of the show released on September 29, 2019. It commenced recently on May 17, 2020.

Family Guy Plot:

The story revolves around the life of the Griffin family. The family lives in Quahog, a fictional town in Rhode Island. Peter Griffin is a blue-collar worker who is quite clumsy with the work. Lois is his wife. She stays at home and teaches piano. Meg is their daughter. She gets bullied at school and ridiculed at home. Chris is a teenage over-weight and dimwitted child of Peter and Lois. Stewie is a super-intelligent infant. He uses diabolic phrases from time to time. Brian is the pet of the family. He is a dog who smokes and drinks a martini. But still, he is a pet. 

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The ancestors of Peter were the founder of Quahog. The show is full of satirical references to the day to day happenings in the real world. The show many times borrows the names and landmarks from the real Rhode Island.

Family Guy Season 19 Updates:

The show commenced the 18th season of the show on May 17, 2020. Family Guy is known for making cunning humourous content on the present happenings of the real world. The creators confirmed the renewal of the show for the 19th season. We are expecting the show to come out sometime in September or October 2020. In this season we can expect the Griffin Family talking about the whole COVID-19 scenario.

Family Guy Cast:

  • Peter Griffin- Seth MacFarlane
  • Lois Griffin- Alex Borstein
  • Meg Griffin- Mila Kunis
  • Chris Griffin- Seth Green
  • Stewie Griffin- Seth MacFarlane
  • Brian – Seth MacFarlane
  • Kevin Spacey 
  • Kevin Bacon 
  • Clyde Anderson 
  • Nick Lloyd
  • Sideshow Bob