Family Leave Movie 2021

In the Netflix comedy Family Leave, Jennifer Garner and her family will swap bodies with other families from around the world.

Overview Of “Family Leave” Movie:

Jennifer Garner will be swapping bodies in the new Netflix film titled “Family Leave”. This high-concept comedy is based on the novel “Mom’s Bed” by Amy Cruz Rosenthal. Rosenthal is also the author of the bestselling children’s book Yes Day, which forms the basis of the upcoming Netflix film of the same title, starring Garner. Also featured in Garner’s upcoming Netflix film series, Project Adam is a sci-fi time travel film starring Ryan Reynolds, Mark Ruffalo, and Zoe Saldana.

About The Movie:

Instead of the simple one-body swaps seen earlier on Freaky Friday, Family Leave is all about a complete family makeover, according to The Wrap. Garner’s character and his family, the Brenners, one day wake up to discover that they have exchanged bodies with another family from another portion of the world. The burners must then turn to the strangers who now occupy their bodies and try to pull the switch before it becomes permanent when it comes to everyday life in the unknown body. Victoria Struz is adapting the manuscript for Rosenthal’s book. Although neither of the directors is affiliated, Garner will work as a producer with Rosenthal’s wife, Jason Brian Rosenthal.

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Release Date:

Garner, who became the star of J.J. The Abrams-directed Alias series has an impressive selection of films for Netflix. Garner has shown great leeway throughout her career, despite the fact that she excels at playing a healthy mother, which she will further showcase in the upcoming Netflix film. While subscribers will have to wait a while to see Garner’s swapping bodies in Family Leave or appear in the star-studded sci-fi film “The Adam Project,” they can see Garner in the fun family flick Yes Day, which will air on Netflix March 12.