Solo Leveling Chapter 120

Solo Leveling It’s a South Korean web novel penned by Chugong. It has been serialized on Kakao ‘s internet comic and fiction network, KakaoPage, since 25 July 2016, and subsequently distributed by D&C Media under their Papyrus label since 4 November 2016. The novel was published in English by Webnovel under the title Only I Level Up.

The Plot

Since the gateway linking our planet to a world full of monsters and animals of all sorts has emerged, several people have gained powers and the ability to kill them: they are called hunters. The protagonist of the novel, Sung Jin-woo, is the weakest hunter with an E rank and scarcely stronger than a regular human. His fellow hunters call him “the weakest”.

One day, he and the other hunters find themselves locked in an extremely dangerous dungeon, and only a few survive and manage to escape. Sung Jin-woo himself narrowly escapes and is the only one to finish all the tasks in this dungeon. Then he transforms into a “player” who can now see an interface showing his quests, stats, inventory, shops, and levels.

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Solo Leveling’s Updates

Solo Leveling 119 has just been released, but fans are already curious to know when Chapter 120 in their region will be released. There are very few mangas, manhwa, webtoon, or even conventional graphic novels that have encountered a similar degree of excitement and anticipation leading to a season 2 premiere than Solo Leveling. Fortunately, after coming back in early August, the series has not dissatisfied with the only real surprise that we have received nine wonderful chapters of the new season. So, what date are we expecting to release Chapter 120 around the globe, and what kind of social media spoilers have begun to float?

Release Date?

This date has not been officially confirmed but is scheduled to be ready due to the fact that we did not have any official information to tell us otherwise. At the time of publication, there were no spoilers for chapter 120 available online. We anticipate the first potential spoilers to start to spread on social media by Monday next week when raw scans are released.