Far Cry 6

Ubisoft published a series of first-person shooter games called Far Cry a few years back and it became very popular. The first game of the franchise was released back in 2004. Unlike many of its counterparts, Far Cry does not have a shared narrative between the several parts. But there is an underlying general theme that is common. The player is usually placed in a wilderness environment and he/she must fight the despot who controls the region. There are also options for multi-player mode. The users can even edit the maps for competitive matches. These games have been a commercial hit and sales have exceeded 20 million units according to reports.

What are the games about?

First Cry games evolved from having discrete levels to operating in an open-world style of gameplay. The theme of the games revolves around surviving in the wilderness and taking back control from a ruling party for freeing the region. Some conflicts in the franchise have been more realistic which there has also been the inclusion of supernatural elements. The advantage of these games is that players can enjoy each game as a standalone title without bothering about the other games.

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What about part 6?

There is an official announcement of Far Cry 6 so the fans can rest easy. This time the Far Cry franchise has outdone itself by developing an incredible antagonist. President Anton Castillo, a violent leader, will be played by actor Giancarlo Esposito. The player gets to control Dani Rojas and free the island of Yara from Castillo’s regime. In the game, President Castillo is going to prepare his son Diego to be his successor. It will be the responsibility of the player to see that his hopes don’t come to fruition. The player will have several powerful weapons to assist him.

When will it release?

It will be out on 18th February 2021. Gamers should get ready to fight it out on the island of Yara (which is said to be inspired by Cuba). Far Cry 6 can be pre-ordered now.