Farewell My Dear Cramer

Get ready for an anime drama with the start of Farewell My Dear Cramer. The Toei animation initiative, the first trailer for the new project, launched earlier this year. The project will include an adaptation for an anime film and an adaptation for a TV anime. The series is a direct sequel to the previous Arakawa manga series “Sayonara, Football”. This upcoming film is based on the manga of the same name. Naoshi Arakawa is the project writer. This is everything for a fresh start.

Farewell My Dear Cramer: Release Date

The trailer for the film is out this year. The first edition of the film is expected to be released this year. The upcoming anime “Farewell, my dear Cramer” will debut on April 1, 2021. The film’s release date has been announced for April 1, 2020. However, there has been no official confirmation of the event’s release yet. A TV anime adaptation is expected to be released worldwide in April 2021. The release of the TV series was announced in the October issue of Monthly Shonen Magazine.

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Farewell My Dear Cramer: Plotline:

A recap of the manga series is available on the company’s official website. The story will be the original long story. Sumire Suou did not have football success for junior high school. Your high school life is getting boring. The offer changes your entire perspective. An invitation from his middle school rival Midori Soshizaki invited him to play with him in middle school. He gave Suu a word not to let him play alone. The question that arises is whether Suu will accept his high school rival’s offer. It will be interesting to see if Sumire chooses her pride or her invitation.
This selection opened up entirely new possibilities for the Sumire event. According to the source, the film will adapt the introduction to “Farewell My Dear Cramer”. Some sources also claim the film will follow Nozomi’s story in high school. In the series, Aika Kobayashi will play the opening song.

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Farewell My Dear Cramer: Cast

This film will have new actors. The cast of the film will be posted on the official Shonen Jump website. Seiki Takuno is said to be directing the anime. Natsuko Takashi wrote the script, animation Toei distributed the anime with the film Liden. Eriko Ito is designing the characters. Masaru Yokoyama will be in charge of the music. Some sources claim that the cast of the film and anime series are likely the same. The anime is expected to have 24 episodes and last up to six months. The actors in the new series will most likely be Miyuri Shimabukuro as Nozomi Onda, Shion Wakayama as Sava Echizen, Kuki Uchiyama as Tetsuji Yamada, Riota Osaka as Kaoru Takei, Rioko Shiraishi as Junpei Onda, Koji as Koji Samoji as Yasawa Tsuchiya.