Fatal Affair (2020)

Netflix movies are a proven treat’ for binge-watchers. Next over the list of great thrillers on the streaming platform, is none other than ‘Fatal Affair’.We have known it previously under the name ‘Obsession’. Nia Long and Omar Epps are back again for a thriller journey.

The cast of Fatal Affair:

Nia Long and Omar Epps reunite after 20 years in this film. The cast includes Stephen Bishop, Aubrey Cleland, Kj Smith, Maya Stojan, Carolyn Hennesy, Kate Orsini, and Lyn Alicia Henderson. Rasheeda Garner shares the writer’s room with Peter Sullivan. Peter is additionally the director of the new movie. He previously worked in ‘Secret Obsession’. The film hit the platform last year and received mixed views from many fans. Since ‘Fatal Affair’ is directed with creative hands, we will except that the new movie considers ‘Secret Obsession’ as its parent.
Do you remember Miramax in 1999? The film saw the duo- Nia Long and Omar Epps. They are back together in ‘Fatal Affair’ after 20 years. Nia Long plays Ellie, the feminine lead in Fatal Affair. Omar plays David. If we want to see Nina again, Big Momma’s House, this is a must-watch. Omar Epps is well-known for Fox’s House and Shooter.

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Fatal Affair (2020)
Source: Netflix

The plot of Fatal Affair

While Omar describes the movie as “Dark Thriller,” we also get to ascertain the romance between Nia and Omar. The plot speaks about Ellie trying to fix her marriage. Suddenly, someone interferes instantly with her relationship and causes dangerous consequences. How she overcomes becomes the storyline.
IMDB states the plot: “Ellie tries to fix her marriage together with her husband Marcus after a quick encounter with an old flame, she used to seek out that David is more dangerous and unstable than she’d realized.” So fans get to observe a tremendous personality twist within the movie. While the whole world is locked down, this movie will help pass time for Netflix subscribers.

Release Date of Fatal Affair

In October 2019, the producers officially announced the commencement of the movie. Onwards 22nd October 2019, the filming began within the beautiful city of Los Angeles. It soon concluded in early 2020. Therefore the Fatal Affair movie is now scheduled to hit the streaming giant Netflix nearby July 16, 2020. However, it isn’t confirmed yet.