Fatal Affair Season 2

Fatal Affair is an American psychological thriller film. Peter Sullivan is the director of the movie. It premiered on Netflix on July 16, 2020. The movie failed to capture the attention of the critics. It managed to score a mere 21% approval ratings on Rotten Tomatoes. However, despite low ratings, the show has an impressive viewership. Some viewers liked the plot of the film. 

Anyways, the question here is if the movie coming back with a sequel? Well, in this article, we will bring all the recent updates and the news regarding the second part of the show.

Fatal Affair Plot:

Ellie Warren is the lead of the story. She is a successful attorney. Ellie lives with her husband Marcus, who is recovering after a car accident. Their daughter Brittany studies in a college. Elle decides to quit her job, but her boss wants her to stay. She then meets David Hammond, the firm’s new tech consultant. This comes as a shock to Elle as she knows him from her college days. 

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David and Ellie go out to catch a drink, where things between them get steamy. She stops David because of her conscience. David starts stalking Ellie. David has anger management issues. For that, he starts consulting a psychiatrist. He begins stalking the Warren family and gets over-obsessed with her.

Fatal Affair 2:

Fatal Affair failed to capture the attention of the critics. However, it managed to receive unexpectedly good viewership. There is no official statement from Netflix regarding the release of the sequel of the movie. However, judging from the streaming stats, its safe to say that sooner or later, Netflix will announce the sequel of Fatal Affair.

If everything goes as expected, we can receive the sequel of the film sometime in mid-2021.

Fatal Affair Cast:

  • Nia Long as Ellie Warren
  • Omar Epps as David Hammond
  • Stephen Bishop as Marcus Warren
  • KJ Smith as Deborah Lee
  • Jason Shane Scott as Travis Green
  • Aubrey Cleland as Brittany Warren
  • Maya Stojan as Courtney
  • Carolyn Hennesy as Janice
  • Kate Orsini as Lauralee
  • Lyn Alicia Henderson as Detective Larson
  • Fredella Calloway as Dr. Leigh Beverly
  • Jacob Aaron Gaines as Scott
  • Kym Jackson as Nicole
  • Estelle Swaray as Linda