FBI Most Wanted Season 2

Rene Balcer has created the crime drama called “FBI: Most Wanted”. CBS ordered the show back in May of 2019. This series derives its inspiration from the drama called “FBI”, which was created by Dick Wolf. This series is a new one and it has made its debut on 7th January of 2020. The first season has 14 episodes and each episode is about 45 minutes. There was supposed to be more episodes in the first season. But the coronavirus saw to that. Due to the pandemic, the production got shut down and that means there is a chance of season 2 tying up loose ends of season 1. There is no reason to be discouraged at the possibility of season 2 not happening because season 1 was a huge success. Its no surprise that fans are looking forward to the second installment of this much-loved series.

Is there any news about renewal?

Fans can rest easy because there is no doubt about the renewal status of the FBI: Most Wanted. There will be a season 2 for sure. The team had announced the renewal of the show back in May 2020. Perhaps the second season will also consist of 14 episodes like the previous season.

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According to trusted sources, this show was popular enough to attract 7 million viewers every episode. As a result, it shot up in the list of CBS’s most-watched shows. This is an incentive for the creators to think about expanding the franchise. Shows like Chicago Med, Fire, and P.D. have an interconnected world, and FBI: Most Wanted and FBI can attempt to do that do. This does not imply that it hasn’t occurred already because it certainly has. There have been instances of crossovers between the two shows. Fans have preferred that kind of content and they would not mind seeing more of it. This has proved to be a great strategy for television series before. Shows like Grey’s Anatomy has had boosted ratings of viewership after it did crossovers with Station 19.

What else do we know about the upcoming season?

Well, there will be a change of leadership in the new installment. Rene Balcer is out and David Hudgins will be taking the place of showrunner. The show will be back with new episodes in late fall of this year.