Yellowstone 1883

“Yellowstone” is one of the best shows out there, and fans can’t beat the drama the show has created over the past three seasons. Now it looks like they’ll be enjoying the Dutton family even more, as the Paramount series announcement was announced by the network. An upcoming show, titled “Y: 1883,” tells the story of the Dutton family as they embark on a journey across the Great Plains to America’s last wild fortress.

The show will describe how a family tries to get out of poverty to find a better future in a place called Montana. “Yellowstone” is already number one on the web, and fans are looking forward to getting this kind of amazing content out of history.

Release Date:

The manufacturer has yet to announce a release date, but it is reported that the premiere will be announced later this year on Paramount Network.


The upcoming series will follow the Duttons and their journey to find a better future for themselves. The official synopsis reads: “The show follows the Dutton family as they travel west across the Great Plains to the last stronghold of wild America. It is a retelling of a vibrant Western expansion and an intensive investigation of a family fleeing poverty in search of a future. better off on the American promised land: Montana. “

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There have been no casting announcements for the series yet. It’s too early to rule out completely the casting cross between Yellowstone and Y: 1883. However, here are some of the cast that may appear in the background.
• Kevin Costner:
• Luke Grimes:
• Kelly Reilly:
• Wes Bentley:


Yellowstone co-writer Taylor Sheridan will again partner with ViacomCBS and MTV Entertainment Group for the series. Besides Yellowstone, Sheridan wrote the script for the 2016 film Hell or High Water with Jeff Bridges and Chris Pine. In 2017, the writer-turned-producer was nominated for an Oscar and Golden Globe for his writing. The series was executive produced by
• Sheridan, John
• Linson
• Art Linson
• David Glaser
• David Hutkin
• Bob Yari

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