Ford Endeavour Sport Vs Toyota Fortuner

Earlier, full-size SUVs weren’t that popular in India. Apart from the fact that the emphasis of the market was more on the smaller cars, even the enthusiasts and aesthetes would give more intention to a sedan. Eventually, this trend changed. With the launch of Pajero in the early 2000s, Perceptions of people regarding SUVs had completely changed. They went from ineffective off-road concentrated vehicles too expensive holdings that manifested power and strength. Today, we are going to compare the latest productions of both these butch SUVs and will try to find out which one is better for you.

In-person, both these SUVs glances huge, and buff in proportions and their size is certainly intimidating. However, comparing the extents, the Ford Endeavour arises as the clear winner because of Its length, width and height. Even the wheelbase of the Endeavour victories and effectively stands more reliable on the road distinguished to the Fortuner. Both cars surprisingly have the same ground clearance and at 225mm are up for some substantial off-roading.

Both SUVs are drastically distinct in terms of performance and pack in entirely unique engine variants. The Fortuner is the only full-size SUV in its section that comes with a petrol preference as well. The Endeavour continues on the existing ritual of having diesel-only power plants.

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Fortuner vs Endeavour: Comparison of Prices:

The price of the Toyota Fortuner starts at Rs.27.27 lakhs for the 4×2 Petrol Manual and goes up to Rs.32.97 lakhs for the 4×4 Diesel Automatic.
Whereas, Ford Endeavour price starts at Rs.26.32 lakhs for the 4×2 Diesel and goes up to Rs.32.81 lakhs for the 4×4 Diesel.
Fortuner vs Endeavour: Conclusion:

• Dimensions: The Endeavour is the clear champion here. It defeats Fortuner in all aspects except the kerb weight, where the Fortuner is found to be lighter.

• Mileage and Range: Both the cars have the same fuel tank capacity.

• Features and Equipment: The Toyota Fortuner tries to draw a middle line by balancing out approximating bits of luxury and ruggedness. The Endeavour, on the other hand, is entirely concentrated on the latter but is still surprisingly plush from the inside.

• Price: The Endeavour is more affordable than the Fortuner across all its edges.

• Final Verdict: The competitors being entirely different. But the Endeavour edges is ahead in terms of price and wins by a decent margin in terms of dimensions.

Therefore, the winner of our Fortuner vs Endeavour battle is the mighty Ford Endeavour.