Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3

In the last seven days ‘Fortnite Chapter 2’ Season 3 was delayed up for a second time, but today, They’re getting a slight indication of what the new season might entail.

If a leaked image alleged from the new season pose any indication, it looks forward as ‘Fortnite‘s map’ is about being flooded, seemingly confirm one of the biggest ‘rumors’ on Season 3 up to the point.

Source: Heavy

The leaked was first published by FNBRLeaks on Twitter, which pulled it from a Sony PlayStation Store listing for Fortnite that was apparently updated too early. That a PS Store listing would be updated early makes some degree of sense in this case, as Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 3 was originally supposed to go live this week.

In any case, it seems the PlayStation Store listing has since been changed, but not before FNBRLeaks was able to capture some screenshots and share them with the rest of the world. The new image showed the ‘Fortnite Battle’ Bus floating over a limitless sea with a small deserted island over the background, suggested that the world has been badly flooded.

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This isn’t the first time we’ve heard that Epic may flood Fortnite‘s map for Season 3, and this leak adds more evidence to that particular rumor.

What this means for gameplay is unknown at this point, and if Epic is actually planning to flood Fortnite‘s map, we probably won’t have details on how gameplay will change until shortly before the patch goes live – something that’s now scheduled for Thursday, June 11, a week after its previous release date of June 4th.

Before Season 2, Chapter 3 arrives, Fortnite players have a “Doomsday” event called “The Device” to look forward to, which is happening on Saturday, June 6th at 2 PM EDT. It’s there that we’ll likely learn more about Chapter 3, but players are advised to show up 30 minutes early to secure their spot for the event.

As per media sources, the current stats reveal that the game might be launched anytime soon, and the geeks, therefore, need to stay updated with the server which allows tonnes of traffic. Any further information would be conveyed upon the launch, till then stay connected.