Many might have heard about the new series on Netflix named “Freud”. As the name suggests, the series focuses on the famous psychoanalyst Freud. This drama which is in the German language was released on 23rd March. Netflix released all eight episodes at the same time which was good news for all binge-watchers out there. Even though “Freud” is focused on the very real Sigmund Freud, the show cannot be classified as a biopic.

Will there be another season of this series?

The first season has just been released this year, so it is a bit early to expect news about its second installment. It is all speculation this point. As everyone must know by now, Netflix, the global streaming platform, takes decisions about renewal based on the ratings. So, it will be looking at the viewership ratings carefully before deciding in permitting a renewal.

Interestingly, Netflix has changed the method by which it calculates views for the content on its platform. In the earlier days, people had to watch almost 70% of the show in order for Netflix to count it as a view. But recently Netflix has announced a change in this method. Now, Netflix will consider it as a view if you only watch 2 minutes of any show or movie.

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This strategy is based on the belief that if a person watches at least two minutes of any content then that decision was intentional. Funnily enough, if a Netflix subscriber accidentally clicks on some content and watches it for about two minutes, Netflix will consider that as watching the content. MarketWatch has explained that this new metric would help in figuring out the popularity levels of a show instead of just dredging up numbers. This will somewhat level up the playing field.

What about the second season?

There is no news about the official release date for Freud. But if the announcement is made soon, the viewers can expect the next season to premiere in March of next year. If it comes out, the second installment will most likely have eight episodes as the first season did.