Frontier Season 4

If you are interested in the shows, that showcase historical drama? Then you are in a treat for The Frontier. Frontier is a Canadian Historical Drama. Brad Peyton, Rob Blackie, and Peter Blackie are the co-creators of Frontier. It is the first-ever series co-produced originally by Discovery Canada and Netflix. The series Frontier premiered on November 6, 2016. The second season of The Frontier released in September 2017. Followed by the release of the third season of Frontier in November 2018. There is no official announcement from anyone regarding the renewal of the fourth season. 


The story revolves around the Canada of the 1670s era. The story unfolds when King Charles II allows England’s Company, to acquire a piece of land, which they do not rightfully own. The company traded in animal fur. Later the company starts a bloody battle to prove its dominance amongst the others, headed by Lord Benton.

Harp, is an outlaw who has worked earlier under the company, now fights against them. He wanted to breach the monopoly of the company. Harp has created chaos by slaughtering Benton’s men everywhere. The series is full of bloodshed and gore. 

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Season 4, What to expect?

There has been no official statement about another season of Frontier. Since the third season of the Frontier ended in a cliffhanger, it is safe to predict that season 4 will be released. Harp gets seriously injured at the ending of season 3. The suspense of Declan’s son can be uplifted in the season 4 of Frontier. If Discovery and Netflix to renew the season 4, which hopefully they will do, we can expect the season 4 of Frontier to release sometime in 2021.


Jason Momoa as Declan Harp

Alun Armstrong as Lord Benton 

Landon Liboiron as Michael Smyth

Zoe Boyle as Grace Emberly

Jessica Matten as Sokanon

Christian McKay as Father James Coffin 

Evan Jonigkeit as Captain/Governor Jonathan Chesterfield

Shawn Doyle as Samuel Grant

Greg Bryk as Cobbs Pond

Zahn McClarnon as Samoset 

Lyla Porter-Follows as Clenna Dolan

Diana Bentley as Imogen

Breanne Hill as Mary

Paul Fauteux as Jean-Marc Rivard

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William Belleau as Dimanche 

Allan Hawco as Douglas Brown

Michael Patric as Malcolm Brown

Stephen Lord as Cedric Brown

Katie McGrath as Elizabeth Carruthers 

Charles Aitken as Captain Johnson