Frozen 3

After Frozen 2 became the largest animation of all days with a huge $1.45 billion. Disney can certainly make Frozen 3. Jennifer Lee told Digital Spy before the release of the sequel that it feels that Anna and Elsa could end up like this. This doesn’t really represent a new picture. And the demand for a third film will increase with Frozen 2 available to watch on NOW TV and Disney+.

So what’s in the box for us?

The release date

There was a gap of 6 years between Frozen and Frozen 2.  Consequently, if Frozen 3 became a thing, fans could have to wait for Anna and Elsa to return in 2025. Into the Unknown documentary series, Frozen 2 goes into the sheer level of detail which goes to creating an animation. So it’s understandable that there might be such a gap. Currently, according to story director Frozen 2 Marc Smith, the prospect of Frozen 3 has not been discussed in Disney.

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Frozen 3
Source: TV Season Spoilers

And co-director Chris Buck disclosed that Frozen 2 did not receive any limelight even a year after Frozen’s release. Right now it feels like there is going to be a long wait for Frozen 3. However, here is the hope that Disney will start discussing this. Soon we can get a better idea when to wait for it.

Which characters can return?

Without Kristen Bell, it wouldn’t be a Frozen film like Anna, Idina Menzel like Elsa, Josh Gad like Olaf, and Jonathan Groff like Kristoff. So all of them will be returning with the third movie. We think they would all come back! Since the digital series- Home with Olaf has released, Gad has taken up Olaf’s role. There are also likely returns as Mattias from Sterling K Brown and Pabbie as a leader from Rock Trolls from Ciaran Hinds.

We could see more of Evan Rachel Wood and Alfred Molina after flapping back at Frozen 2. Also, as Anna and Elsa’s Iduna and Agnarr ‘s parents. This is pure speculation since Disney has neither confirmed Frozen’s third edition nor the cast. 

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Frozen 3 trailers? 

Sadly, we can’t yet show you anything from the third film, as Disney hasn’t even confirmed this. Frozen 2 can be purchased on DVD and 4 K Ultra HD. The film can be viewed on Disney+ and NOW TV.