Gabby’s Dollhouse Season 1


Gabby’s Doll House is a TV series directed by Tracey Paige Johnson and Jennifer Tuomi. This is an animated series from DreamWorks Animation Television. It was founded by Gabby.

Gabby’s Dollhouse Season 1 Plot

In this show, a girl named Gabby is reduced to the size of a doll so she can play with her cat character known as “Gabby the Cat.” Each episode begins with cutting out a real dollhouse, followed by Gabi and the cat. Here you’ll find recipes like Cakey, Magic, Garden Kitty Fairy, Box Cat Crafts, Carlita Games, and Sports, Dragonfly Tales for Pillows, Audio for DJ Catnip, Spa Science for Mercat, and more to delight fans.

Gabby’s Dollhouse Season 1 Cast

You can find the sound as it is animated. Leila Lockhart-Kramer – Gabby, Cat Floyd – her voice, Tucker Chandler – Pandy, Juliet Donenfield – Katy, Donovan Patton – Katrat, Maggie Lowe – Baby Box, Secunda – Mercat, Tara Strong – Kitty Fey and others.

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Gabby’s Dollhouse Season 1 Release Date

The show was ported to Netflix as part of an expansion agreement. Dreamworks TV closed in 2013, the show was scheduled to start on November 3, 2020, but was pushed back to January 5, 2021. Four episodes will also be released on the same day.

More About Gabby’s Dollhouse

Netflix is hitting in January with a new live hybrid animated series featuring a girl named Gabby, adorable cats with names like DJ Catnip and Kitty Fairy. And a magical dollhouse. Each episode of Gabby’s dollhouse kindergarten is full of games, puzzles, projects, surprises, and fun. In an Announcement, Dreamworks Animation said: “Gabby’s dollhouse underlines the impression of growth and inspires children to turn untrue walks and blunders into aptitude and elegance. We have failed. Fantastically we say, “True to Gabby’s lines.” Fantastically, “Each episode encourages flexible thinking and resourceful problem solving through resilience and creativity. Homemade projects, baking recipes, and brain games make every space of Gabby’s dollhouse fun and interesting. For kids full of fun activities and magical adventures.