gamers season 2

During these challenging times, it can be difficult for the mind to watch a gloomy and gruff show. However, a reckless series like Gamers is perfect for keeping you entertained. This is an anime adaptation of the Sekina Aoi light novel of the same name. Manabu Okamoto is produced by Pine Jam Studio and is the director of a romantic comedy series. It debuted its first season in July 2017 and ended in September of that year. A total of twelve episodes of the show were broadcast.

Release Date:

Season 2 is expected to be released between 2021 and 2022. And when Gamers Season 2 happens, it is expected to be released on Netflix as well. Second gamers can start production soon or later but can count on it by the end of 2022.

Major Casts:

Since we don’t have much information about the series, it’s quite difficult to comment on the participation of the upcoming season. However, we believe most of the cast will return to reprising roles from the previous season. The second season will feature Megumi Khan as Keita Hamano. Together with Hisako Kanemoto as Karen Tendo, Rumi Okubo as Aguri Sakurano, and others. Fans will also see Toshiyuki Toyonaga return as the voice of Tasuku Uehara. In addition, we are sure that the second season will feature new characters.

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Expected Plotline For Gamers Season 2:

As previously mentioned, the second season is still unconfirmed. In this way we can only guess the plot of the new season. We hope the next chapter starts where season one ends. The established anime plot thread will also continue. In the second season, the relationships between the characters are also explored further. And when that happens, more drama will be revealed. Now we can guarantee more fun and tearful moments in the coming season.

Gamer Season 2: Production Details

For the production details, we are sure that Manabu Okamoto will direct the second season. Additionally, Hiroki Uchida is returning to write the anime story. We also hope that Yoshiaki Deva will be in charge of the music for the series. However, we don’t know which song will feature the opening and ending themes for the new season.

Gamers Season 2: Storyline

The anime series follows Keita Amano, a student. He is also a gamer who likes to play video games alone. But when Karen Tendo, one of the prettiest students in school, invites Kate to join the game club, she refuses. And from there, hell fell for him. Meanwhile, Karen falls in love with Kate herself. In this way, he created a more romantic drama in his life.