Gangsta Season 2

Gangsta was originally a manga written by Mr. Kohske. Shinchosa Comics Magazine published Gangsta in 2011. The manga became so popular that it eventually led to the development of an anime show with the same name. Apart from the Gangsta anime, he has also inspired the makers of audio series and novels. When the anime came out everyone thought of the word. That this anime is included in the crime genre, there are some of them wrong, even though this anime is partly a crime genre, but not all. Shuko Murase and Kōichi Hatsumi are directing the anime series Gangsters.

The program was aired from July 1, 2015, to September 27, 2015, and consists of a total of 12 episodes. Animation studio Manglobe makes animation for the gangsta anime series. The anime has a fairly complex storyline. However, if you love anime with goodness, this show isn’t for you. Gangsta shows real violence afterward. Even though Gangsta only has 12 episodes in the episode, the series covers a lot of plots.

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Gangsta Storyline:

The show’s story revolves around two mercenaries. They called them city lords. Both Nicholas Brown and Warrick Arcangelo are partners living in Ergastalum. Everyone in town knew the two very well. From police officers to government officials, everyone looks for help when needed. You can always do whatever is risky. Nicholas and Warwick meet prostitute Alex Benedetto. The city of Ergastalum used to be a very quiet place for people at dusk. An underground organization was formed to kill this evening. In order to protect the city and its people, the two of them fight against the organization. And at that time, the first season had ended.


• Warrick Arcangelo
• Alex Benedetto
• Nicholas Brown
• Warrick Arcangelo – Ian Sinclair.
• Nicholas Brown – Brandon Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
• Alex Benedetto – Felecia Angeland.

English Dubbed:

You can see an English version of this Funimation app.

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Gangsta Season 2: Canceled or Updated?

Fans speculated that the anime was a simple crime series after hearing its name. However, it turned out to be way above and beyond everyone’s expectations. The anime managed to develop quite a number of fans in a very short time. At the end of his debut season, he made everyone curious to see more of him. Despite all the popularity and positive reactions from critics, fans never saw what they wanted.

The producer has yet to provide an update for Gangsta Season 2. The main reason for the delay is that the production studio Manglobe went bankrupt in 2015. They reportedly had a debt of 350 million yen. Therefore, the studio never got a chance to renew the series. Even gangsta is the last show they produce.