Genndy Tartakovsky's Primal


Spear and Fang returned. One of the best TV series of the past year, Genndy Tartakovski’s Primal, is scheduled to return on October 4. Then five more episodes of the bloodied series begin, depicting the friendship between the cavemen and the dinosaurs and their series of flabby accidents. Few portions of the Adult Swim programming space on Cartoon Network. And – even better news! – Primal will officially be renewed for the 10th episode of its second season in 2021 (Tartakovsky hinted at this in our last chat Collider Connected.)

If you haven’t watched the first five episodes, check out these (currently available on the Adult Swimming website and on HBO Max). This is one of the most incredible animated series that combines the incredible hit action Tartakovsky (perfected in the innovative Samurai Jack series) with a very emotional and melancholy bond between two very cruel creatures that have been caught one bit. Oh – and the show is completely free for dialogue, which makes for a bigger and more enviable accomplishment. It’s pure visual magic and a complete distillation of what makes Tartakovsky one of the most compelling directors to work (in animation or otherwise) today.

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The first episode of Primal’s new series has aired. As part of the annual April Fool’s Day joke, Adult Swim actually aired the whole “Plague of Madness”. But if you’ve (like me) missed this particular review, October 4th will be here before you know it. It’s interesting to know that Adult Swim is committed to Tartakovsky‚Äôs unique vision for the ultimate adventure, adding 10 more episodes to the show. We can’t wait to see how far things go next year (and hopefully so). But can we really have interesting action figures, sculptures, fancy, something, please?