Majo No Tabitabi


Majo no Tabitabi is based on fantastic lighting by Shiraishi Jogi and Azuru. The first season consists of 12 episodes. This title is played by C2C Studio. However, C2C is known as the creator of Onee-chan ga Kita and Harukana Receive. Both were great. Wandering Witch is also a pretty good item on their list. Majo no Tabitabi is one of the most popular and popular anime of this season. This is why fans are eagerly awaiting the airing of the next episode. Stay tuned for Spoilerguy for the release date and more news for Episode 9 of Majo no Tabitabi. So, without further delay, let’s take a look at the release date for the latest episode.

About Anime Majo No Tabitabi

The animation is about the witch Elaine. He decided to travel the world. She meets all sorts of weird and cute people in her own way. The magician of each meeting with Elaine became a part of everyone’s life, and his world gradually grew.

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Majo no Tabitabi Episode 9 Release Date

Episode 9 of Majo’s Tabi Tabi will air on Friday, November 27, 2020, at 9 pm JST. All new anime episodes will air on Friday. Follow Spoilerguy for release dates and other news.

Where to Watch Majo no Tabitabi Episode 9?

Majo no Tabitabi can be seen on Funimation, Netflix, and Hulu. All episodes will be available online within hours of publication.

Production Of “Majo No Tabitabi”

Jougi Shiraishi once became disappointed that he would not become a professional writer. It was around this time that he realized that he could self-publish books using the Amazon Kindle. Therefore, the series debuted in 2014 as an e-book. Shiraishi admits that he was inspired by stories and materials in different genres and formats.
He also cites National Geographic and flora and fauna as inspiration for the various countries and creatures featured in the series. When reflecting on history, Shiraishi says that he thinks primarily about the situation and the world.

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Plot Details

Elaine is fascinated by the story of Nike, a witch who tries to end the world and follow the same path. The decision to study books and magic made Elaine the youngest witch to graduate from the academy. However, in order to become an official magician, she had to be educated by an old magician who would not accept him well because of his outstanding talent.
That is until you find Fran the Star Witch and accept her. After earning the title of Cinderella Witch, Elijah began to travel the world, visiting and meeting a wide variety of people and places.