Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear

From the latest development of this anime, Ella tells Her Majesty that the people have been attacked by monsters in the forest. Gulzam appears and reveals his name, saying that he has been driven out of the royal capital. He reveals that he gathered several monsters to get His Majesty’s revenge. He also said 10,000 of them were in the army and could attack the royal capital at any time.

He then disappeared after threatening her later. Yuna fought a group of monsters and defeated them. Cliff arrives in the capital and his daughter Noir welcomes them. His majesty birthday has finally arrived, everyone is celebrating and enjoying. The king announced that everyone could enjoy the pudding as everyone wanted.  The next day her birthday has ended and now Fina, Noir and Yuna are enjoying life in the royal capital at Yuna’s bear house. Masses come every day to chat with others. Meanwhile, Yuna had teamed up with Shia to increase their strength.

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“Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear” Airing Date

On December 9th, 2020, Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Episode 10 will be released on Wednesday at 21:00 JST. New episodes of the anime are released every Wednesday. In order to not miss a single episode. You can renovate the above mentioned times to your regional time. You can see this anime officially at AnimeLab.

Summation of “Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear” Episode 9

Later, a princess and Her Majesty visited the royal palace and Yuna asked Fina if they should return to Crimonia. Fina said she wanted to go out with Yuna again before they returned. Yuna agreed and said that they were leaving tomorrow and they both were leaving. Yuna is popular in the capital city and is known by everyone as a bear.
The two of them enjoyed eating different snacks and relaxing on the nearby grass. They talked about opening a shop and Yuna said it would be difficult to do business. Because she can’t move. Fina realized that when they opened a business, she couldn’t do harvesting work. Finally, they agreed that they could not open a business, but would continue their daily work.

They decide to go to the bakery and have lunch together. Even though they love to eat bread, they meet two women who give them delicious food. Yuna changed her mind and decided to open a business so they could work for her. He offers them a contract and they start working together.

See you again with new episodes and updates. That’s all for the upcoming episode of this anime.