Get Even Season 2

Fans would know the fact that the Get Even series was adapted from a book series called “Don’t Get Mad”. The books were written by Gretchen McNeil and Holly Phillips has adopted the series. The show made its debut on 14th February 2020. This British thriller series has received considerable praise and people are expecting another season soon. Season 1 had only 10 episodes, and each episode had a span of about half an hour. Millions of viewers have watched the series and that’s a good sign for renewal of the second series. The team of executive producers includes Lucy Martin, Bob Higgins, and Chapman Maddox.

When will Season 2 release?

Unfortunately, the team hasn’t announced an official date of release for the series.  It has been only a couple of months since the ending of the first season so perhaps it is not advisable to expect the new season soon. Fans need to wait a bit more for the official news of season 2 of getting Even. The first season of getting Even was premiered on BBC iPlayer and perhaps the new season will also be streamed through the same platform.  The business of renewals is getting tougher as many good shows are being denied a chance to tell their stories. Let’s hope for the best!  If we had to guess,  if everything goes according to plan,  the new season might reach us in the next year, in the month of July.

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Is there a trailer?

Sadly,  there is no official trailer for the fans at this point in time.

What is the story?

The protagonist of the show is a group of teenagers named Kitty Wei, Margot Rivers, Olivia Hayes, and Bree Deringer. They each have their problems. Kitty’s parents expect too much of her, and this creates family pressure which in turn forces Kitty to lie about things. Bree comes from a wealthy family and is a troublemaker. Olivia enjoys considerable popularity in the school and Margot enjoys gaming in her free time and has few friends. These girls form a group and name it “Don’t Get Mad”. The group aims to expose bullies in their school.