Get Shorty Season 1

Get Shorty Season 1

This series is inspired by the novel which has the same name. It was a novel published back in 1990 and it was written by an American novelist named Elmore Leonard. The story has been also adapted into a movie.

The television series named “Get Shorty” came out on 13th August 2017. It was broadcasted on Epix. Davey Holmes is the creator of the series. The show has three seasons till now with a total of 27 episodes. However, unlike the film, this series does not rely too heavily on the novel for the plot. It only uses the basic premise. It is perhaps not correct to classify this television series as an adaptation, but rather as an “homage” that will be more appropriate.

What is the story?

The series tells the story of Miles Daly, who is a part of the dangerous crime ring situated in Nevada. But, keeping his daughter in mind, Miles has a desire to change professions. Instead of being a criminal, he decides to try and be a movie producer. Unfortunately, his plan of leaving the life of crimes does not work out too well.

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The cast

The cast of the show includes many people. Some of the main characters are-

  • Chris O’Dowd as Miles Daly
  • Ray Romano as Rick More weather, who is a film producer
  • Sean Bridgers as Louis Darnell, who is the partner to Miles
  • Carolyn Dodd as Emma Daly, the character of Miles and Katie’s daughter
  • Lidia Porto as Amara De Escalones
  • Goya Robles as Yago
  • Megan Stevenson as April Quinn

The first season of “Get Shorty” received praise from all of the critics. In Rotten Tomatoes, the series holds an approval rating of 78%. The show had an excellent cast and good production which succeeded in creating a thoroughly enjoyable show for the viewers. In Metacritic, this show has a score of 71 out of 100.

The latest development regarding “Get Shorty” is that this show will be available on Amazon Prime from 1st October 2020. The first season will be released next month on the online platform.