Creepshow Season 3

Creepshow is a series based on the iconic 1982 film directed by George A. Romero. The second season of the show “Creepshow” got shot in March in Atlanta. However, production has stalled due to a halt due to the coronavirus pandemic affecting all films and series across the country.

“Creepshow Season 3”: Release date:

While we’re still waiting for the second season of Creepshow to premiere, Shudder is confident enough to book a third show. Based on the classic 80s horror anthology by George A. Romero and Stephen King, the show also made animated promotions for last year’s Halloween and Christmas. Additionally, it is now confirmed that a new episode of Creepshow will be airing on Shudder starting April 1st and several new photos have been released for the upcoming show.

Creepshow Season 3: Cast

The first season of “Creepshow” features celebrities such as …
• David Arquette
• Adrienne Barbeau
• Tobin Bell
• Big Boi
• Jeffrey Combs
• Kid Cudi
• Giancarlo Esposito
• Stephen King
• Joe Hill
• Joe R. Lansdale
• Josh Malerman

The cartel produced shows with Taurus Entertainment Monster Agency Productions and Striker Entertainment.
The program has built a decent six episodes since launching in 2019, before COVID-19 battles a second season planned from the first release date in March 2020. The creative decision to create a special animation, however, is a suggestion that Creepshow published last year, and Schuder seems to be have confidence in property from now on.

So far, the project has followed the original film (with the exception of the gruesome Creepshow 3) and adapted Stephen King’s work along with some new original content and the work of King’s son Joe Hill. The first one we got was a story based on Gray Matter and Survivor Types, with other horror icons like Tom Savini and David J. Shows contributing to the production.
We’re really looking forward to seeing what Creepshow has to offer when it returns to our screens in a few months. Given how popular horror has become with major streaming sites, it’s great to see Shudder continue to invest in the original script and take over some of Stephen King’s previously unadapted material. Reading the series’ practical effects also makes them unique in today’s TV landscape, and we recommend keeping up with the episodes that become available before April.