Daybreak Season 2

Based on the graphic novel series by Brian Ralph, “Daybreak” is set in post-apocalyptic Glendale, California. The story follows an eclectic group of surviving teenagers who were once a clique from Glendale High as they move through an insatiable world of zombies. While the series mostly deals with one-day teenagers, the focus remains on 17-year-old Josh, who, along with a group of unsuitable teenagers, go on an adventure expedition to find his missing girlfriend, Sam, after Population’s atomic explosion goes out.

The black comedy-adventure series was created by Brad Peyton and Aaron Collate and stars Colin Ford as Josh Wheeler, Sophie Simet as Sam Dean, Olivia Alin Lind as the very unstable genius boy Angelica Green, Austin Kruth as Weiss Cody Kursley’s contemplative samurai as Turbo Bro Jock and Matthew Broderick play Michael Burr. When the show premiered on Netflix in October 2019, it received mixed reviews with mostly positive responses.

Season 2 Of Daybreak Release Date:

The first season premiered at dawn on October 24, 2019, on Netflix. It consists of 10 episodes with a duration of 38-50 minutes each. Unfortunately, fans won’t be greeted by another edition as co-creator Aron Coleite officially announced the sad news in a tweet posted on December 17, 2019. He joined his Twitter account to announce the cancellation of season two.

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Are there opportunities for future updates?

Sorry, but we have to decline as Netflix has officially announced that Sunrise has been canceled and it is unlikely that the canceled shows will extend unless purchased from another network.

What will happen in season two?

There are lots of choices and lots of unanswered questions that we’ll answer in season two, but what happens now that the atomic bomb is launched in space and whether Josh and Sam will fall in love forever will be a mystery to us.

Who will come back???

Since this is the Apocalypse, anything can happen, including some of our favorite characters who don’t survive season two. Although the cast won’t be confirmed until the show resumes, there’s a good chance we’ll all see our loved ones come back as long as nothing happens to their characters.

When is season two coming out?

Depending on how quickly the show resumes, there’s a good chance that fans will have to wait a year to see what happens in the second season. This means we’ll likely see more episodes sometime in October 2020, which makes it perfect for Halloween!