Maruti Swift 2020

Swift has been in India for a long time and has proven its position in almost every aspect that attracts a huge following. This third-generation model does not escape the expectations of automotive enthusiasts and family buyers. So that it will continue to manage this segment for the next few years.


The new generation Swift looks sportier and younger. Although the car looks much smaller than the previous generation Swift. It is more spacious than before thanks to the enlarged wheelbase.
The best option is to attract attention with beautiful LED headlights (with LEDs), which are a big gap in the options below. Swift is based on the Heartect platform, which makes it the lightest but gives it a robust structure. The car makes a satisfying sound when the doors are closed and shows great build quality.


The interior is completely black and feels much sportier than before, no doubt complementing the exterior. The infotainment system is available with Bluetooth connectivity and is easy to use. It has a 12 V charging point, USB, and an aux point. The cabin is also well insulated. Luggage is pretty good and offers 60:40 separate seats.

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The reduced weight of the new Swift actually helps increase productivity by a pretty good number. The fairly cheerful petrol engine makes Swift a pleasure to drive. The AMT transmission makes it more comfortable for driving in the city. But disappoints on freeways because it experiences low latency and the gearshift isn’t fast enough either.

Satisfactory!! Ride & Handling

It’s always nice to walk fast and this is not what we expected. The electric steering is light and lifeless, which in the end takes away the fun of driving this hatchback. The car is a lot of fun when cornering and staying on the road, the body is great and the brakes are inspiring.
The ride quality is quite good at high speed as it is able to absorb the impact so well that it is often used for hanging. At low speeds, the noise gets into the cabin, but don’t worry. The high-speed stability is good enough for such a car, which makes it great for long road trips.

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Fuel Efficiency

Petrol cars offer a decent mileage of 12 to 13 km / h in the city and it has an impressive 18 to 19 km / h on the road, which is quite respectable for an automatic transmission. It has a capacity of 37 liters (nothing to complain about).


Its sporty appearance, cheerful engine, great rideability and handling, AMT comfort, and excellent fuel economy make this 3rd generation Swift the right choice for all potential buyers. The price-performance ratio as well as the best sales and service network make it the perfect family hatchback!