Ora r2


The ORA R2 is the ORA 2020 brand for electric vehicles. It is a city car manufactured by the Chinese automaker Great Wall Motors.


In June 2019, Ora unveiled the R2 EV concept study as a preview of the third model on the production line of its subsidiary Great Wall Motors. The R2 character series was officially announced at the end of June 2020. Completing the offering as a more expensive and comfortable alternative to the cheaper R1 model. And offering rounded proportions with a distinctive low glass cladding and a long bonnet. At the back there is a glass of LED strips that stretches across the body, visually forming a detail, and the bumper is equipped with additional lighting.

Market Demand

The Ora R2 is a vehicle entirely for continent China and can be broadened to other Asian needs as well. The R2 electrical system has a power of 63 hp, uses the Chinese method of measurement. To provide a maximum range of up to 400 km on a single charge, and battery options can also be used. The ORA R2 is another electric vehicle built after the ORA R1 on the ME Great Wall Motor (GWM) platform. The ORA R2 is based on the ORA R2 concept car, first unveiled in 2018. The production version of the ORA R2 is basically the same as the concept car, but very round and cute. The difference between the ORA R2 concept is that the front and rear lights do not match the steering style.

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The ORA R2 has a length, width, and height of 3625/1660/1530 mm and a wheelbase of 2490 mm. The length is longer than that of the R1, and the rest is almost the same. The only disparity among R2 and R1 is that ORA R2 manipulates very globular rectangular elements. While R1 designs rounded elements. However, both of them are usually young or women. According to the MIIT CHINA declaration, the curb weight of the ORA R2 is 1010 kg. And the maximum drive motor power is 35 kW (47 hp), which corresponds to the ORA R1. It is powered by three CATL lithium batteries, has a 33 kWh battery capacity, and a range of 360 km. The new car is expected to hit the market in the second half of this year.