True Beauty Episode 16

What date and time is episode 16 of the K-drama True Beauty release for on TvN and streaming service Viki?
Sometimes it’s really difficult to turn a famous manga, comic or webtoon into a complete series, especially one that lives up to the high standards of the original. Fortunately, True Beauty lived up to most fan expectations and brought you an unforgettable, if not emotional, first season. True Beauty ends next week on TvN and Viki, but what date and time will episode 16 be released worldwide?

True Beauty Episode 16: Release Date

The season finale of True Beauty (episode 16) will air on Thursday, February 4, 2021 on TvN and Viki.

True Beauty Episode 16: Release Time

The nationwide premiere of episode 16 “True Beauty” will take place at 10.30pm. The episode will be available for Viki around midnight KST a few hours later after English subtitles are added.
When the time is right, True Beauty Episode 16 will be released to an international audience on Viki at the following times:
• Pacific Time: Thursday, February 4, 7 a.m.
• Central Time: 9:00 am Thursday, February 4th
• Eastern Time: Thursday, February 4th, 10am.
• UK Time: 3:00 pm on Thursday 4 February
• European time: Thursday, 4 February, 4pm
• Philippines Time: 11:00 am on Thursday 4th February
• Australian time: Friday, 5 February, 1am
NOTE: These times are roughly based on previously published episodes and are subject to change.

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About the series:

“True Beauty” is a romantic comedy drama about a girl from high school Lim Zhu Kyon who becomes famous as a beautiful girl after learning the art of makeup from YouTube. She became a goddess because of her makeup skills, but she would rather die than show anyone her naked face. She tells her love story with the only boy who saw her without makeup, Li Su Ho. An attractive and handsome boy Lee who glances cold because of his dark past, but is precisely very thoughtful. They grow up when they meet, share secrets, and find each other’s love, but can Su Ho make Zhu Kyong discover her true beauty?

Major Casts:

• Moon Ga Young
• Cha Eun Woo
• Hwang In Yeop
• Park Yoo Na
Supporting Role:
• Im Se Mi
• Park Ho San
• Jang Hye Jin
• Kim Min Ki
• Kang Min Ah
• Lee Sang Jin
• Oh Eui Shik
• Park Hyun Jung
• Yeo Joo Ha
• Kim Byung Choon
• Lee Il Joon
• Lee Joo Ahn