Mercedes-Benz GLA 2020

The Mercedes-Benz GLA, redesigned from 2020, is characterized by its ease of driving, comfort, and large interior space. It’s not the sportiest car in the luxury small SUV, but it still offers a lot. Pros

 Easy-to-use infotainment technology
 Large seating area
 Good gasoline performance
 Perfectly predictable reliability class


 Load capacity below the middle rear seat.
 Cabins are one level below the best-in-class interiors.
 A lot of extraneous noise in the cabin.

What’s New?

 Completely Redesigned

How good an SUV is the Mercedes-Benz GLA 2020 edition?

Well, the Mercedes-Benz GLA is a great luxury small SUV. The main engine provides good acceleration, and if you want to go really fast, there are two efficiency-oriented models. The GLA delivers excellent fuel economy and a comfortable ride. Inside, a wide range of seats and an intuitive infotainment system is at the top of the feature list. In short, this Mercedes has a perfectly predicted reliability rating.
There are several areas where GLA is lagging behind its competitors. Driving a small crossover is not the most exciting experience. And the interior is designed for the most complex interior in its class. Passengers experience ambient noise at driving speed and the cargo space behind the rear seats is below average.

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Why Should You Buy the Mercedes-Benz GLA?

The new GLA has a lot of the things described above. While sportiness isn’t the main concern for the new SUV, the GLA is a car worth considering. The price is also reasonable compared to other grades, making it a stable choice.

How Much Does the Mercedes-Benz GLA Cost?

GLA starts at $ 36,230 which is considered to be one of the highest starting prices in its class. But there are several luxury compact SUVs with a base price of less than $ 34,000. So the GLA MSRP isn’t much more expensive. This is above the competitor’s price tag. GLA: Mercedes-AMG GLA 35 and 45. The GLA 35 starts at $ 47,550 and is more expensive than some of the leading competitors. Pricing information for the new GLA 45 is not yet available. But it will be the most expensive model in the family. In our program, you can find the best US rates with big discounts from your local Mercedes-Benz dealer.