Leyla Everlasting 2020


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Leyla Everlasting, a Turkish film that airs online, will premiere on Netflix and stream on December 4.


Leyla Everlasting is a story of a marriage and two love stories. That ends in a toxic relationship and an attempt to preserve the old script. A resilient housewife, her husband, and their therapist become strangled in a toxic love triangle. Along with the attempt to attain an ancient manuscript. A dark comedy of sorts Leyla Everlasting is filled with a humorous take. On what seems to become more of a reality in modern times. The husband has lost all his interest in the marriage after such a long time.

He started an open relationship with his therapist and together they plan to get his wife out of the picture. The comedy of mistakes begins when, despite all efforts, neither luck nor fate seems to intervene and keep them out of harm’s way. One attempt after another was thwarted by fate.

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Summary In Short

Layla and Adam have been happily married for many years. However, after a while, their marriage came to a dead end. The joy in their marriage is lost and Adam falls in love, which makes his heart pound again. Adem, who is in love with a woman named Nergis, who is in love at this time, can’t think of anyone but Nergis. Nergis, who had been thinking about Adam, had no intention of moving from the one-man world he had founded into another.

Star Cast Of The Movie

Demet Akbag,
Elcin Sangu,
Haluk Bilginger.

Director of the Movie
Ezel Akay (Ezop)