Phantom Seer Chapter 11

What’s up, friend, on this blog there will be information about the release date of Phantom Seer Chapter 11. And also where you can officially read the earliest published chapters. The Japanese manga series “Phantom Seer” Is written by Togo Goto. Whereas, illustrated by Kento Matsuura and published in Weekly Shonen Jump. The serialization of the series started on 31 August 2020 at WSJ 2020 edition 39 and is currently not finished.

Phantom Seer Chapter 11: Is It On Delay?

No, Chapter 11 of Phantom Seer isn’t on delay.

Release Date

There are currently no updates of schedule disruptions or delays. As per the schedule, Phantom Seer Chapter 11 will be released on November 8, 2020. So, stay tuned to receive all information about this chapter.

Spoilers And Leaks of Chapter 11 of Phantom Seer

Till now, neither spoilers nor leaks have been released.
It has been assumed that the Major leaks and spoilers for Phantom Seer Chapter 11 will be released on or around November 4th.

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What will happen in Chapter 11?

Unlike other Shonen heroines, who mostly remain the main character’s carry-on. Aibetsu begins his shaman training with Kenma and his Phantom Tengu to reduce Iori’s problem and fight side by side. with him.

Where to read Chapter 11 of Phantom Seer?

All Phantom Seer manga heads are available free from Viz Media and Mangaplus. Also, We strongly condemn the use of streaming anime or reading manga on unofficial websites. Every Sunday or Monday A new chapter appears.

About Phantom Seer

This story revolves around a world where there are indeed Phantoms that take lives. The official description follows: “If something unique and mysterious occurs, you should go to him. Also, legend says that he has psychic powers, but convincing him to actually deal with wild Phantoms can be a challenge.”

About Chapter 10

The series follows the chronicles of a high school girl, Riku Aibetsu, who has the ability to see any kind of danger near her. However, due to its power, it was aimed at otherworldly beings known as Phantoms. One fateful day, she meets Lori Katanagi, a loner and student at her school. But she is a powerful shaman with shadow powers and saves her from the clutches of death. Together, they continue to fight various ghosts and other types of enemies.