After hearing the news that Nasa is going to introduce his wife to his parents Chitose, Aurora, and Charlotte are spying on NASA And Tsukasa. Chitose was jealous, she thought their relationship would fall apart soon it should be with NASA. Nasa and Tsukasa are going to visit NASA’s parents and she forgot her wallet on the bus.

Chitose tells her boyfriend that the couple is going on their honeymoon. And there they will start fighting and come back with a broken relationship. Nasa tells Tsukasa that he forgot his wallet and will take it. Luckily the bus was still close by and he went there and got his wallet. Tsukasa followed him and NASA asked him why he was following him, he had to wait there for her. Chitose thought they were going to fight Tsukasa and told him why he had to wait until he could follow him wherever he went.

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Release Date Of Episode 8 Of “Tonikawa”

Tonikawa Episode 8 will be released on Saturday, November 21, 2020, at 1:05 JST which is titled “The Moon For You”. Stay tuned for spoilers in future episodes as you move on. A new episode of the anime is released every Saturday. Check out the summary and preview below.

Have a look over the recap of Episode 7

Nasa and Tsukasa were holding their hands and heads in the mall. Aurora said the two got along well and saw how romantic they were. Chitose is disappointed, but she says it’s too early to fight and separate. The couple went inside and enjoyed seeing the various food courts. Tsukasa didn’t know where to start and whether to try ramen or mashed potatoes. He asked NASA what he got and he said he would get a bowl of beef from Hurunoya.

Tsukasa says NASA must be crazy why he came to such a messy and delicious dish just to pick a chain restaurant and eat it at home. NASA said he was fine and Tsukasa said he could try something new for a change. NASA asked him what he would get and he said that unlike him, he had good taste. Tsukasa said he would bring Hirunendesu who went there and enjoyed a meal together. The spy trio noticed that the two were having fun and Tsukasa gave NASA a bowl of Hirunendesu.

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Preview of Episode 8

Starting this week, the latest update of this anime has revealed this to us. Next week on Saturday come back for more details that will be available soon after Episode 8 is released.