The Seven Deadly Sins Season 5

“Seven Deadly Sins” season 7 is finally here on Netflix, but fans already want more. Although disappointed with the season 4 animation, anime fans still want to see more of the popular series. Will there be a better animation? Can they anticipate Season 5?? Let’s find out.

On Netflix is there going to be season 5 of “The Seven Deadly Sins”??

Fans should be happy to know that the Seven Deadly Sins will undoubtedly continue into its fifth season and be available on Netflix. To avoid confusion, let’s call it Season 5 of how Netflix formats the originals. We know that Season 2 consists of OVA episodes.

The streaming giant has purchased exclusive English streaming rights for the anime series. And there are still plenty of sources out there for next season. Currently, the manga series consists of a total of 346 chapters and a fourth season of the animated adaptation, which extends to chapter 267 of the manga. That means we still have 79 chapters to start with for the fifth season.

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The Plot

The Second Holy War took place when the Goddess Clan, the Fairy Clan, the Giant Clan, and people banded together to overthrow the Demon Clan. We also expect great revelations about past orders of love. Meanwhile, Ban is determined to find the real song in purgatory to take him to England. They are the only members of the seven deadly sins that can survive purgatory. But time flows differently in purgatory. How long will it take for Ban to finally find the Melody fan he once loved? There is also a large egg with Melody’s body waiting to be hatched. In this case, a stronger and more sinister melody will wake up and be on the way to becoming the new demon lord of the demon clan. Can they stop it?

Release Date

It will take time for your favorite anime series to reach a global audience via Netflix. The fifth season of Seven Deadly Sins was originally scheduled to be released in Japan in October 2020. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, it had been suspended. The fifth season of Seven Deadly Sins will air in Japan on January 6, 2021. The fifth season is expected to air on Japanese television in June or July. This means that the full version of the fifth season in English will take a little longer before landing on Netflix.
We assume that at least August, like Season 4, will be worse until winter 2021/2022. Season 4 arrives on Netflix on August 6, 2020, and is now available to stream.