Yasuke Season 1

Another exciting anime awaits you in 2021. Arriving in April this year is the last project of LeSean Thomas, Yasuke, the story of the only black samurai in Japan. We keep an eye on everything you need to know about Yasuke Season 1, including the plot, new trailers, news for the actors, and Netflix release date.

Yasuke is an upcoming Netflix anime series based on the legendary character of the same name, who is known to be the only black samurai in Japanese history. Creator, director and executive producer LeSean Thomas spoke of how excited he was to work on the series:
In this project, it was not uncommon for an African American to go to Japan to live and work among the best Japanese anime, to make anime for an African who went to Japan to live and one in the Japanese elite to become a warrior. Yasuke is an interesting and enigmatic character in Japanese history who over the decades has sparked growing interest in today’s media. I first met Yasuke’s role in Japanese history in about a decade. Kurusu Yoshio’s children’s book Kuro-suke contains pictures that make me curious. Knowing that he is not only a fictional character but a real man ultimately becomes interesting material for an adventure story. I am very happy, both old and novice fans, to enjoy this deliberate take on a historical figure.
LeSean’s latest project on Netflix is the anime series Cannon Busters. Over the years, LeSean has worked on many popular animation projects:
• Batman: The Brave and the Brave
• Dynamite black
• The Boondocks
• The legend of Cora
• Spider Man
The project is being guided by animation studio MAPPA, legendary animation productions for other stunning anime such as Kakegurui, Attack on Titan: The Final Season, and Jujutsu Kaisen.

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Release Date:

Yasuke’s first season will premiere on Netflix on Thursday, April 29, 2021. Yasuke will contain a total of six episodes. Each episode has a playing time of approximately 30 minutes.

About The Anime:

The official summary is provided by Netflix: In war-torn feudal Japan, full of feathers and magic, Yasuke is most famously fighting after his previous life of violence to live a life of peace. But when the village becomes the center of social unrest among the warring daimyo, Yasuke must take his sword and transport a mysterious child who becomes the object of dark forces and a bloodthirsty warlord.