glow up season 2

Michael Fraser has created a reality television show named “Glow Up: Britain’s Next Make-up star” or as it is more popularly known “Glow Up”. The goal of this series was to find new makeup artists and it is hosted by Stacey Dooley. There are two seasons and the first one was aired on 6th March 2019. It was premiered on BBC Three. The host Stacey Dooley was thrilled to work with the immensely talented makeup artists and the impressive judges.  She has also announced that everyone should celebrate make-up, it is indeed a lucrative industry.

It was in July that the news of renewal was announced. Stacey was immediately on board because she was interested to be a part of the journey of “Glow Up”.

When is the second season releasing?

Interestingly, the second season has already aired in the United Kingdom. The rest of us will have to be patient for a while. Netflix will be releasing the second season globally sometime around August. The show is a part of the “Exclusive international distribution ” category of Netflix originals, which is just a way of saying that Netflix does not own the show “Glow Up” entirely. The second season will have eight episodes and it will be available on 14th August 2020. But the show is already available in the UK, so if people do not want spoilers they should just stay away from social media for a while.

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What is going to happen in Season 2?

Val Garland and Dominic Skinner are industry experts who are back as judges in Season 2 of Glow Up. Their job is to keep on eliminating MUAs or Makeup Artists until there remains one to be crowned as the Glow Up star. There were also guest stars like Henry Holland and Michelle Visage. The second season was won by Ophelia Liu, who is only 23 years old. The runner up was James Mac Inerney, aged 25. A contestant named Keziah Joy Saunders had voluntarily quit the show midway.