Go Dog Go

Today, Netflix announced 7 original series from some of the best-known and prolific designers in the industry. Netflix preschool slate is manufactured in a number of genres and formats – including educational and nonverbal comedies and with several options – by creators from around the world.

What is Go Dog Go?

Go Dog Go was published in 1961 and illustrated in a children’s book by P. D. Eastman. It explains how a group of mobile dogs, running vehicles, and other conveyances are working, playing, and seeking an ultimate enigmatic objective- a dog-party.

It’s previous adaptations!

Steven Dietz and Allison Gregory for the Children’s Theater in Seattle in 2003 produced a musical version of the novel. The play was performed in the whole of the U.S., mostly to introduce young kids to the theatre.  A book based TV series produced by DreamWorks Animation is in the process of being created and is to be premiere on Netflix by WildBrain in 2020.

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DreamWorks Go, Dog, DreamWorks Go. Go! Go! Go! It’s a CG animated series made with the beloved, classical children’s book by DreamWorks Animation and DHX Media. Random House Children’s Books published by D. Eastman. Every dog wants to go! Every dog wants to go! Go quickly, go far, go to a large tree dog party. The series is a continuation of the young pup Tag Barker and her Pawston adventures, a colorful community of dogs.

All the updates about the Netflix adaptation! 

DreamWorks is now producing a new Random House Children’s Books GO DOG GO! Netflix Original Series. Via P.D. Edited by Dr. Seuss, Eastman. The CG animated series will premiere in 2020 with DHX media. Executive created by a young cup and her Pawtson adventures, Adam Peltzman (Odd Squad, Wally Kazam), who is also the showrunner. The dogs are read in GO, DOG. Go! A timeless Book of Starters. From large dogs to tiny red, green and blue dogs, dogs go up easily. Who knew that dogs could be so busy? As you are my mother to Eastman’s classic? GO, GO DOG! 

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For over fifty years, he has been a favorite and has been pleased with the crowd of all races. The book will now reach a whole new generation of young readers.  This is one of the seven new preschool titles created by Netflix Original for 2- to 6-year-olds.