Gravity Falls Season 3

Alex Hirch had created an animated comedy series called Gravity Falls. This show was made explicitly for the Disney Channel and Disney XD. The series was first aired on 15th June of 2012 and the show was the last broadcast on 15th February of 2016. There are 2 seasons till now with a total of 40 episodes. Each episode runs for about 24 to 26 minutes. The devoted fans still want a third season to happen. This is an entertaining show, which can be considered as a mix of Simpsons and Twin Peaks. So, the fans can’t really be blamed.

What is the show about?

Gravity Falls focuses on Dipper Pines and his sister called Mabel. This series is centered on their adventures. The pair are sent to their relative’s house for the summer. Their great-uncle lives at Gravity Falla, which happens to be a hotspot for mysterious activities. The children get involved in the Mystery Shack and help their great uncle run it. They still make time to find out about the local mysteries.

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Will there be another season?

Unfortunately, there will not be any more seasons of Gravity Falls for the viewers o enjoy. Alex Hirth was incredibly clear about it. He has already announced that the show had reached its natural conclusion in season 2. The creator had also clarified that the show was not being “canceled” as much as it was reaching its natural end. It seems that the fans have no choice but to say goodbye to their favorite twins.

It is perhaps better to end the show early rather than dragging it on and losing the quality over the years. The show had a good end for all the characters involved so it was satisfactory. This makes sense when you consider that the show was made on the basis of a great summer story and once the summer ends, it is logical that the story would reach an end too. The fans should give Alex brownie points for ending it before the spark was lost.