Greatness Code

One of the most successful examples of original content brought by Apple+ is a show called Greatness Code. This informative series shows the audience the experiences of famous personalities. When the greatest professional athletes from all over the world speak of their journey and inspiration, it captures everyone’s attention. The viewers loved season 1 of the Greatness Code. That season features many famous sportspeople like Usain Bolt, LeBron James, and Kelly Slater. It has seven episodes in total. The expectations for the next season are high. Will it manage to be better than the previous season?

What do we know about it?

The first season reached our screens this July. It received praise form sports fans who were excited to hear about the struggles of their idols. But there is no official announcement for the next season. There’s no news of renewal even. But keeping in mind how praiseworthy season 1 was, it is acceptable to hope for another season. Logically, the making of the show will take longer because of the content. The show will feature interviews with famous personalities, so it will surely take a lot of time to arrange that. In addition to that, the ongoing pandemic will not help things at all. Fans make an estimate of July 2021 is the release date. Let’s see if they are right.

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Who will be in the next season?

The previous season starred a bunch of successful sports professionals. Maybe the next season will welcome more sportspeople or it may engage successful personalities from other spheres of life like the movies or even businesses. Given that the first season had amazing moments, some parts were a bit bland. Maybe those faults can be addressed in season 2. Fans would be glad to see engaging content that explores what makes the greats tick. The series has great potential to be an inspiration to all. Untold Stories will be shown in the spotlight in this unscripted series. Let’s wait till the show comes back to dazzle us!