Greenhouse Academy season 5

Greenhouse Academy, Is Season 5 Cancelled

Greenhouse Academy is an American teen drama web series. Giora Chamizer is the creator of the show. It released on September 8, 2017, on Netflix.
Greenhouse Academy is the adaptation of an Israeli show, Greenhouse Academy. The show did quite well on the screens. It scored 7/10 on IMDb. The critics and fans appreciated the show’s setting, character casting, and the direction.
Looking at the success of the show, the creators renewed the show for three more seasons. The latest season four, released on March 20, 2020, on Netflix. The fourth season managed to reach up the expectation of the fans. In this article, we will discuss the possibility of the fifth season of the show. Also, we will update you with the recent developments of the show, along with all the details, you need to know about Greenhouse Academy.

Greenhouse Academy Plot:

Hayley Woods is the first member of the Ravens. Alex Woods is the younger brother of Hayley. He is also a member of the Eagles.
Hayley and Alex lose their mother, who was an astronaut, in an explosion. After which they both enroll themselves in a unique boarding school for ‘gifted children’.
The school has two rival houses. Both brother and sister, get themselves in different houses. After this, they become opponents. In a mysterious event, both the houses get drawn together. They work together to investigate a deadly plot. According to this plot, some are planning to gain monetary gains via earthquakes.

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Greenhouse Academy Season 5:

Greenhouse Academy received positive reviews from the critics. The creators of the show released the fourth season of the show recently on, March 20, 2020.
According to the recent updates, the creators have announced the fourth season to be the finale of the series. That means we will not be getting season five of the show.

Greenhouse Academy Cast:

• Ariel Mortman as Hayley Woods
• Finn Roberts as Alex Woods
• Chris O’Neal as Daniel Hayward
• Dallas Hart as Leo Cruz
• Cinthya Carmona as Sophie Cardona
• Grace Van Dien and Danika Yarosh as Brooke Osmond
• Benjamin Papac as Max Miller
• Jessica Amlee as Jackie Sanders
• BJ Mitchell as Parker Grant
• Aviv Buchler and Dana Melanie as Emma Geller
• Ishai Golan as FBI Agent Carter Woods
• Selina Giles as Ryan Woods
• Yiftach Mizrahi as Jason Osmond
• Nitsan Levartovsky as Suzanne McGill
• Parker Stevenson as Louis Osmond
• Nadine Ellis as Judy Hayward
• Yuval Yanai as Eric Simmons
• Reina Hardesty as Aspen Fairchild
• Rafael Cebrian as Enzo
• Adriano Haovel as Jason’s dual/split-personality character and The Unknown Client