Greenleaf Season 6

Craig Wright has created a drama series called “Greenleaf”. Oprah Winfrey and Lionsgate Television have produced this American drama-mystery series. Clement Virgo is the director and the executive producer as well. Aside from him, the team of executive producers includes Oprah Winfrey and Craig Wright. Gerrit Van der Meer is the producer of the show. Greenleaf made its debut on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) on 21st June 2016. We have five seasons till now with a total of 58 episodes. The first season had good reviews.

The performance of the lead actress is memorable. This show has blended a unique family soap drama with distinct spirituality. The church details play an important part in this show. The stellar cast should be able to draw you in with their amazing performances. In 2018, 19th September Greenleaf was renewed for a fourth season by the network.

What about season 6?

Unfortunately, there won’t be any sixth season for Greenleaf. The fifth season of the show will serve as the final season for Greenleaf and it has already premiered on 23rd June. The fifth season is centered around the megachurch which faces the threat of destruction. On top of that, the relationships on the show are also going to be testing. The network had stated that the show was always planned for five seasons and they are quite sure about canceling the show after the fifth part.

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But, fans need not be too disappointed with these developments, the network has also said that a possible spin-off might happen. The specific plans for the span-off are not known. It’s not even decided which characters the spin-off will focus on. But the only thing that will definitely stay is the executive producer and creator Craig Wright.

What is the story?

Greenleaf revolves around a family with the same name. The Greenleaf family hides secrets and lies just like any other family. But what excludesGreenleafs from any other family is probably their family mansion compound and their megachurch.

This family is comprised of African American members and they include Bishop James Greenleaf and Lady Mae Greenleaf and their daughter Grace Greenleaf. The fifth season was the best-scripted show in 2019. It attracted a huge number of viewers and the network had become the No. 1 network.