grimm season 7

Stephen Carpenter, Jim Kouf, and David Greenwalt have created the American detective show called Grimm. Universal Television has produced the show for NBC network. The series has six seasons till now with a total of 123 episodes. The show had made its debut on 28th October 2011. The last episode was aired on 31st march of 2017. Each episode is about 43 minutes.

When the series was released, the show had gotten mixed reviews from the critics. Metacritics had given Grimm a score of 55 out of 100. Some critics prefer other shows with a fantasy twist such as Once Upon a Time. Although Grimm does have a good cast and amazing setting to recommend it.

However, the second season of Grimm had a more favorable response than the first installment. Log Angeles Times had commented on the show saying that it was impossible not to love the second premiere. Even though no one will claim Grimm to be a profound show, the show still brings entertainment, engaging, and funny content to its viewers.

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Will there be a seventh season?

Unfortunately for the fans, there will be no more episodes to look forward to. The network has already announced that the show will have its last season as the sixth season. One of the members of the cast, Reggie Lee, said that the entire cast was in tears in the filming of the last season. He had also announced that the sixth season has done justice to the show, tying up the loose ends efficiently. The fans would be happy with the ending.

Who was in the cast of “Grimm”?

David Giuntoli has played the role of Detective Nicholas Burkhardt. The detective later finds out that he is the Grimm.

Russell Hornsby plays the role of Detective Hank Griffin. He is Detective Nick’s partner.

Bitsie Tulloch plays the role of Juliette Silverton.