Hache Season 2


Spanish drama series Hache received orders for a second season on Netflix just weeks after the start of the first season of Netflix. Here’s what you need to know about the update and what to expect in the new season. This new Spanish thriller is part of a great desire to advertise in the Spanish market. Netflix has had great success with titles like Elite and Money Heist that perform well both regionally and internationally in Spain. In April 2019, Madrid was declared home to Netflix’s new production base.

The Hache was setup in Barcelona in the 1960s when Helena rode in a wheelchair to find out her secret. He must win the love and trust of the cartel leader. Netflix does not publish statistics on the show’s success yet, but we know this is good for critics and viewers alike. It scored 156 on the IMDb index, which is impressive for several Spanish languages.

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Hache Season 2 Release Date

The first season of Hache (8 episodes) was released globally on November 1 on Netflix. The second season of Hache was announced on a tweet on Netflix’s Netflix social account.

What can you expect from Hache season 2?

Season 1 ends with Hache taking revenge and Malpica catching and torturing the traitor. Thanks to Rumors and Rumors from Some Spies, we know that the second season will start again, and we laugh at the Resurrection of Javier Ray. For now, that’s all we know about the second season, which is set to air on Netflix in 2020. From October to December 2020, Hache is expected to appear in a release window similar to Season 1.